Start-up Diaries – New Column

Are you a start up?

Do you have a great idea and think that this will change the way the world does something?

Steve Jobs said in one of his talks, if you can’t change the way the world does it, then don’t bother. This was in context to the music Industry and what the APPLE I POD and I Tunes did. How did it change the way something is done? Simple, before I tunes, music was available to own only in the format of a C.D. Which meant you were buying a CD, and paying by way of income to the Label companies and Artists. Suddenly with the introduction of the IPOD this all changed. Now you could buy, manage, sort the music you liked in an interface designed by Apple, ( I tunes) and seamlessly upload to your device with a click of the button.

So why buy a CD??

Similarly there are many a tale of such Ideas that started small but created a revolution.

Even before there was a thing called an I Pod, Sony changed the music listening industry with the introduction of the WALKMAN, and later DiscMan. Now you could listen to your music anywhere and everywhere.

Then there was Nokia, when it was a leader, they changed the way we keep in touch with our close ones and family. Then once again Apple changed the game with the introduction of the I Phone.

You can count several such stories of companies that grew unprecedented, simply because they changed the rules. Rules that were invisible, but existed.

Could this be one droplet of wisdom you can take away from instances like this? How would you apply this to your Idea / Start up?

To give birth to an Idea and then nurture it to its ultimate logical conclusion of existence, is easier than it sounds.

Especially when you decide to start the journey alone, and gather followers on the way.

If your a start-up, then this is the place where we empathize with you, we feel what you feel, and go through what you go through. \

So do share you thoughts, only then can we begin a revolution.




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