Fab or Fad? What’s the Deal with Inifite Scroll Websites?

Tribal Studio Chicago

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 11.48.19 AM

AWWWARDS  recently announced their choices for Best Infinite Scroll Websites.  And boy are there some amazing sites!  Nominees came from all over the globe; from museums and government departments to independent event planners, the diversity truly showcases that brands across a multitude of industries can effectively utilize an engaging, dynamic website using infinite scroll.

Check out all the nominees, and click herehere and here for our favs!

Infinite scroll websites really blew up in popularity over the past year or so.  And just like so many trends (ahem…QR codes, Facebook pages, yes, even blogs….) it seems that everyone was trying to get on the infinite scroll bandwagon.  And, as in so many other instances, there were many who missed the mark or tried to utilize infinite scroll when it just wasn’t a good fit for their brand.  Infinite scroll is a really neat concept and certainly is appropriate…

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