Perhaps Heroes!



On March 8, 2014 I had unplugged from technology for a weekend to attend Outback America ( in Mobile, Al.

Upon returning to “civilization”, I soon learned of the missing airliner. Having served as a Summer Missionary in East Malaysia many years previous, this disappearance brought back many fond memories of the Malay people, and the many Chinese people too, that I had met and worshipped with so long ago.


Written on March 18, in the Daily Caller, ( we find the 9 top current theories around the disappearance of this flight. Reduced simply to a list they look like this:

1.  Flight 370 crashed en-route to Beijing

2. The plane flew on for hours and landed somewhere in the Indian Ocean

3. Malaysian Airlines pilots intentionally concealed the Boeing 777

4. Flight 370 was hijacked by terrorists posing as passengers

5. A fire caused the plane to crash while attempting an emergency…

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