Entering the Mobile Era

Remember when a mobile phone was only a mobile phone? When a mobile phone was large enough and heavy enough to kill a person?

Well we do. We also remember the journey over the years to where we are today. 

Nokia was the leader, with its incredible designs and technology, phones like the 3310, 8210, 6600, the E series, the N series and the list really goes on….

The Mobile phone today has evolved into a Life tool. One that carries so much more than just your contacts and a few messages here and there. No! Today a phone has enough information, links, and passwords on it to really destroy a person or even a company. This simply devices has come so far from its first inception. How many off us actually use the Call feature on the phone more than the other features? How many of us use the sms feature versus whattsapp, viber, line and so on? Do we still check emails and send emails on our laptops? what about the newspaper? how many of us prefer our news fresh and hot off the internet on our phones? 

Beyond media, entertainment, engagement, people use their phones pretty much as they use their own appendices? It really is like an extension of our bodies. 

In India the mobile phone penetration is low, in comparison to the globe, but in terms of growth is amongst the fastest.Image

While against the rest of the world India only ranks 12 in terms of internet usage, penetration and mobile penetration, our population proves that the future of this market is aloft more brighter than some of the other first world countries. After all, we do have the youngest population in the world! we do have the fastest growing market for cars, bikes, electronics etc…

India is considered a number one luxury sale market, with every luxury brand coming in…

Do you believe in the India Mobile / Internet growth story??? Share your thoughts 



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