The Internet of the future!

The internet has come a long way from its first debut. For those off you who don’t know the internet was first discovered in 1982. While we only heard about it in the late 90’s the internet has actually been around for ages. Created first to a network to connect the army as well as schools and colleges, so they could exchange exam papers, information and other such things that they didn’t want any one else to view. The Army used this as under the radar communication tool, to send and receive critical information. In 1995 we first heard about this new technology that would let get online and connect with friends seek information and even play games. What was revolutionary in 95 today has morphed into something so much bigger and larger. How did this happen? Simple in 1995 the US decommissioned the internet to now be open to private as well as the public. Soon internet entities starting springing up to use this new technology to create a future un-heard off. The word internet was derived as an abbreviation of the term InterNetworking.

From the 19th century into the 21st, the internet has journeyed over the years. 

But thats not off that much interest. What is, is the future of the NET. A prediction by Jupiter Research, states that there will be 1.1 billion users online goining forwards. According to a recent study conducted by IWS (internet world stats, the world internet population stands at 2,405,518,376. 



So you can easily picture what the future of the internet holds. Its exciting just thinking of the possibilities… 

Interested in more?….Keep watching this space! and share your thoughts.



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