Blogging for starters- 3 step approach… is new. Our Blog has only been active for a month now. The English saying, “Feels like a lifetime” is apt.

Creating, managing, and monetizing a blog isn’t easy. Its no cake walk, but once you crack its basic formula it becomes a lot more easier. The journey here wasn’t one of immense knowledge or hints from peers, but more one of learning, reading and experimenting and thus formulating our approach to increase follow ship.

So for the benefit and ease of start up bloggers like us, here is a simple 3 punned approach, formula, to help you climb over the first milestone of successful blogging, which is getting it right from the start!

1) Whats your point? –

Your primary goal for creating a blog is the most important factor that would determine its journey. If your not clear on what you want to get out there, your most likely not going to get out there! a confused blog doesn’t go down well with bloggers. Most all blogs are about sharing some sort of information, insight or knowledge. Within these three exist several sub segments, such as displaying your talents, sharing your writing, selling, crowd sourcing etc…Its imperative to know what you want to get out of your blog?

For E.X if your starting a blog to eventually earn an income from it, then that needs to be your core focus.

It helps to put down you Blog mission / Vision. This will give you a map to constantly remind you off your goal in case you veer off track. A good way to start your statement is to simply say- ” MY BLOG in a one year will…………….!”

Even if you don’t want to write this down, type it or file it, just asking your self this question will give you answers of clarity and direction. -Mission / Vision – Our Blog in a year will be the core of Digital insights, knowledge sharing and discussions in India. It will be advertiser supported and value driven to the the reader!

It Will have high contribution value. ( by contribution value we mean, commenting and re-blogging)


2) 1+1 does not equal 2….

In Maths we were always taught that every thing had a CORRECT or RIGHT answer. In science we were taught to defy this and think outside the box. In chemistry we were told every thing has a chemical formula to it…In Blogging there is no one formula. Experimenting is the best option. Trying permutations of posts, with images, meme’s, info graphics, or anything else you can think off. Video, Polls, sharing links, commenting on other blogs related to your topic, tagging the right areas of interest, themes, headlines etc….by constantly experimenting you will soon realise what actually works and what doesn’t. With the help of the Stats section in wordpress you can easily analyse your strong and weak points. Some people might tell you to keep your Blog consistent. This is true, how ever before you start on your flight path its always important to experiment so you’re sure you’ve got the right equipment. Changing your theme once or twice will be enough to show you which one best suits your style, subject, and your followers.

3) Rome wasn’t built in a day –

The most important thing to remember while blogging, is that nothing happens over night, or even over a week… It takes time. Its similar to the snowball effect, ( Its starts slow and small, but eventually gathers speed and mass)  if you keep at your guns, with the right Mission / Vision, content focus you will eventually reach your goal. Whatever your goal is. It takes a few months before you can actually start seeing a volume follow ship that now you could consider monetizing. There will be times where you might think of giving up, simply because of monotony. But remember your reason to start this blog in the first place. If its something you’re truly passionate about and want the world to read it, keep blogging, post after post after post. Tag after Tag after Tag.

It really is help full to read other blogs, this helps open your mind to insight triggers that could lead to a burst of blog posts….

With blogging there really is no end, its merely an art form that requires practice and perfection.


If you have any other tips, suggestions or thoughts, do share them, as fellow bloggers who are lost in the world of WORD PRESS will gain tremendous insight from them….





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