Digitising vs online marketing continued….

To illustrate the difference, we take two fictional entities. Entity 1 & entity 2. 

Entity 1 manufactures and markets personal care products for male and female. Entity 2 is a business 2 business model and hence have very little a budget, if not zilch, to spend on marketing their services. Like most companies in the B2B space, entity 2 relies on sales call, often cold calling, direct mailers and largely on W.O.M. Entity 1 (E1) much like many large consumer driven companies have deep pockets and spend up to 15% of their gross revenues. E1s marketing plan is an intricate document covering all forms of media, communication and marketing. Like any other company, the internet has a role to play. Albeit a minute role, but a role never the less. Entity 2 (E2), realizing the need to communicate and market to increase their sales funnels, chooses to focus all its money on the internet. Facebook, twitter, Pintrest, and SEO are preliminary tools they blindly consider, as this is where the opportunity exists. A Blog is monitored to share relevant insights, tips and tricks. A virtual showroom is built to demonstrate their services in real time virtually created scenario’s, they use mobile, email, interactive games, content, images, video sharing and anything else they see relevant. E2 uses the online universe in its true form,  the way it should be done.  

In the meanwhile E1 continues to spend their deep pockets on, press, TV, radio, and OOH. Using adverts on Facebook, tweets and pinterest,E1thinks they have got it down.E1 is what most brand are doing. E2 is a digitised brand, and is what brands should be doing…


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