Digitizing vs on-line marketing ( advertising)

Digitising is a combination of Digital and advertising. These words come together not just to create another fancy term, but to define a new space, a new way of thinking, a new way of marketing. While still a nascent concept, its application is relevant when talking about using social networks, social marketing or device marketing in your approach to the internet consumer base. In its traditional form, if you wanted to use the internet as a media space, and hence attract a consumer, you would only have a choice between a few tools, mostly passive, the EDM, web banners, and a few more options you could choose from. The Communication its self is simply one adapted to suit the on-line space rather than designed from its concept up to use the opportune that is the digital space.

Digitising your brand simply means understanding the division that exists between on-line / offline. The seamless integration between the two and at the same time maintaining its independence. Each platform has its own characteristics and benefits, and hence every element used to market on-line must be thought off accordingly.

Traditional methods are mostly about headline, visual, copy and call for action….But in today’s day and age, there is no limit to what your communication / marketing effort can be about. Apps, Micro blogs, Communities, SEO, Augmented reality are only a few..





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