haven’t you heard? Facebooks the word.

Imagine tomorrow you wake up, and the world suddenly changes. Not like in the movies, but in reality. Today what you knew no longer relevant, what you thought you’d find out no longer important. What if the sunrises over a new era? We today more and more depend on our social networks. Not just to keep up to date with ur peers but to make informed descions. Think about the last time you purchased an electrical product, like a mobile phone? Or even a larger purchase like a car, the first place we go? Www.Google.com. its religion. Google is a great example of a social service crawler, but more on that later. Inevitably the page you will be directed to would be a F acebook page. Years ago in an article arguing the possibility and opportunities of Facebook being a better replacement to a website. Its free! More importantly it works. Today this is a reality. All across the globe start ups, based at home, are creating waves by creating niches in what they love doing.this possible through Facebook, not twitter.


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