A missing aircraft? In today’s day and age?

WOW! Can you believe a BOENG aircraft just disappearing? Whoosh! Now you see it nowdownload you don’t. Not to forget the 200 odd humans on board, simply vanished into thin air! All everyone has to say, it’s simply erased from the face of the earth. Another Bermuda triangle perhaps?

With technology advanced to the degree it has today, with the internet practically mapping our entire planet, and universe, how strange is this that a Boeing that is a complete technology show house with some of the best equipment assuring its safety just loses all contact and all existence.

With Google being able to do what it can?

Does this show us a gaping weakness in what we otherwise believe to be an airtight industry?

Perhaps the airline hiding data to protect its own interest.

Why not a Digital Search? Not just satellite’s but actual scanning of the earth’s surface by drones?



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