Five signs of sure death!

5 signals that your social network strategy is way off track….


1) Its the numbers that count! – well your wrong!

Here is classic case of quantity Vs. quality… so you have your self a K or above base of LIKES! Congratulations. But what is the point of a K base when only a minute percentage of them are actually active…If your lucky that percentage is more than 1%…I Don’t know about you, but I would prefer 1 good egg then 10 silent non verbal active eggs (A.K.A Bad eggs)

2) Organic Vs Inorganic – You should be proud if you been able to garner a large community by doing nothing but just engaging with your potential audience. The organic way is always good. But what next? Paid ads always, almost always is the best way to spread your base…you never know who you could reach and what that person is capable off!

3) Barefoot in the park! -Social footprints are great. Your brands presence is across every relevant social space. Even if its doesn’t make sense. But HEY! its free right? so why not?Wrong!!! Spread your self thin and that’s exactly what your will get in return. A thin response!

4) The answer my Friend is blowing in the wind!

So many of us think that we are experts! simply because there is so much of knowledge floating around that you really don’t need an expert! Wrong again! do what you know best and leave the rest to people who earn their living by doing what they know best!

5) Acceptance in the first step! – Not accepting that you may need a specialized solution for your social network strategy is sure death! The only diagnosis- Call in the experts!


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