Re-engagement….The strategy for the future of social networks!

I think its best we start with a dictionary definition of the word ENGAGEMENT: The act of engaging or the state of being engaged….

All over every one is talking about today being the time of engagement to create value and benefit of your social foot prints. To move from posting and responding to creating economic / brand engagement. What does that mean? simply that if you like a brand, you will like the page. If you like the page you will get its feed. If you see its feed you will most likely respond, like or share. PERIOD!

Now brands have likes galore and are proud to boast about it, assuming the challenge is done and they came out as the best…

2K likes, thank you fans, they say..

What next, how do you engage them such that they actually become social advocates of your brand, or they make a purchase basis your engagement strategy.

Competitions, polls, games, apps etc are some of the common engagement approaches brand attempt basis expert advice from their social / digital / marketing / branding partners….Most simply repeating what they have heard or read. Engagement is the future and hence that will be our approach.

The fact that they have reached such numbers of likes and creating a micro community, means they have engaged with an audience. The fact that their fans would most likely like their posts means they already are engaged. Hell if they are following you, they have engaged.

What is important is RE-Engagement!

To Re Connect

To Re Evolve

To Re Like / Share





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