Social Networks face death sentence!

Over the last year, many have speculated on what they believe to be the slow demise of the being called Social networks. Much like any debate of controversial nature, arguments prevail in favour of its continued existence and immortality.

In reality Social networks have advanced themselves to morph into more than just a social network. Moving ahead and beyond to add more value to its users. Perhaps hence people believe extinction is in the air. Simply because they can’t understand the advancements that have been made to ensure and protect their future.

Lets look at what Facebook has done over the last year, from being just a site to connect with friends to now what is really an entire universe on its own. Within Facebook today there really is nothing you can’t do. The ultimate goal, making FB a part of your life. Not just from an external stand point, but as brushing our teeth every morning when rise is engrained in our memories and a part of life, FB is trying to create a place in our lives, where it as natural as breathing the air we breathe.


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